Saturday, September 7, 2013

A new day

Good morning everyone! What a beatiful shiny day!                                                                                                        I woked up (at 6 a.m), was still dark outside, go to bath and gett a cigarette for my left ear pain. I haven't got any idea what time it was, stay on the window with citarettes lighted up in both ears and watch around, so quiet. My cat was making noise around the room and in the balcon, sitting and meaowing. After second cigarette for my left ear I gone give him his favorite food. I washed my face clean my teeth and get back in the room. Get into 'bed' (a blanchet on the carpet with a pillow) and start the episode 4 of Dexter on my laptop, that i've prepare for watching before I sleep but couldn't because I was so tired after a full day. After two episodes I've decided to go walk my dog. So I went from the apartment at the house I grew up were I have my dog and gone with him on the riverside of Timis, so clean air, no one on the streets, only fishermans on the river, the cascade, was so calming, music for the soul. Go up way we heard the noise from the center of town, and decided do go down the river. So I went at the train bridge and seen the beautifull and relaxing place I like so much. Is the curbure of the river, so pleasent noice the river on the small rock. I stayed there more than five minutes, but I could stayed all day, so great!                                                                                              After that I went home and I wrote this for you all who want to wake up and smile! Be happy!

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