Monday, February 10, 2014

A one day trip to Capri

            It was a day when I, my girlfriend , my parents and another couple neighbor went at Naples to go Capri Island. Was 9 a.m. and we were in a little harbor waiting the ship. A sunny day, no one could imagine that the weather was gone be so twisted.
             We navigate about 40 minutes to the island, beautiful view, we saw and another island in our left. When we arrived the wind begun... and we had the bad news... we couldn't go around the island with a small boat because of the danger of the cliffs. For me it was the second time on the island, but for my girlfriend and the neighbors was the first time.  We took a bus to the top of the island, gone to stores, bought some gifts and souvenirs, and we visit the church.
             At one moment i split of the group and gone on an alley, an strait alley, and gone and gone, about 20 minutes of fast walk. At the end of the alley I arrived on the other side of the island, magnifique, the view of Faraglioni rocks and the other harbor of the island - Marina Piccola. I went running to the group and convince them to go there. After another half hour we were all taking pictures at that magnificent place , heavenly.

               And now to go back... we took the wrong bus, that was going on the other part of the island, the sad part was that we were standing up and the bus goes on the edge of the mountain, let's say and that I have fear of heights..;)). Arrived in Marina Piccola took the bus back.
                Now comes the worst part of the trip, the wind was nastier, on the way back to Naples we stood on the down part of the boat, it had two floors. When it balanced you seen only water , people around you begun to throw up, I was focused on the sun goes down as long I could seen it between the bounces. And at one moment my girlfriend throw up and her, so I begun too.
                We arrived back to the car all messed up with stomach ache. We were going to another 2 hours of driving to Rome...