Friday, August 17, 2012

My love for animals - second part

           In the months that Oskar was in Timisoara with us, I took a cat from the front of the building at home to feed her a few times. Oskar was really nervous when he feel her in the kitchen. So.. i realised then i wish to have a cat. I haven't mentioned that my girlfriend has a 4 years old cat, norvegian of forest.
            Time has passed and in April, this year, the sister of my girlfriend told me that she has someone with 3 kittens. Talking with her and my girl, we haven't if we took one or not. In a nice, sunny day, that week, we meet her sister and the boyfriend going to take a kitten for him. So... we went with them and... we liked a little black one, with a white spot on the chest, and white in the ears. We left with 2 kittens, both boys. I was so happy for the one that was for us.
           Next day we've come to Timisoara, since then he live with us:

 He is so playfull!

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