Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My love for animals !

          I'm new on blogs and i like to share a few things of my life with you, like the happiness of adopting a really cute puppy, named Oskar. The event has happened a year ago in Timisoara. My girlfriend has seen them, there were two, on facebook, and knowing how much i wished a dog, has talked with the adoption association.
After a few days we had came to see them: one was spotted,brown with black, and the other one was black with a white spot on his chest. Oskar was the one more agitated, and that's why my girlfriend, preferred him. The brother of Oskar, named Odin is adopted in Germany, i haven't heard of him since then.
I have keep him the first months in my large hall, with a big couch, were he has sleept when was big enough to jump on.
    When he got bigger I've let him free in my courtyard, to play with my 3 years old female dog. Since then all the summer has been at Lugoj, in the courtyard, and in the winter has stayed with us in a rented apartment in Timisoara. It was a pleasure to take him to pee every morning and every evening, even if were -15 degrees out, I've done it with joy in my heart. Now is again at Lugoj, to have the freedom to run all the day long with my other dog, and every weekend and any other occasion i take him to a walk through town.
He had a big bone of thread to play catch. The first little bone of thread has been gnawed in 2 weeks.
In the same year, at Easter my girlfriend has received a bunny. I've toked care of him very much, really enjoying the sensation of eating carrots from my hand. I've kept him in the same large hall all the Easter holiday, even if he pooped all over. Every day I've cleaned up after him. When he grow i put him into a cage, for the time were i wasn't home. I toked him into the garden to run and eat how much grease he wants from time to time.
When i went to faculty, we moved him at her step grandfather, a really lovely person. After one month, when we come home with oskar, we get the rabbit, named Rila, back. And then the tragedy hit. We left oskar in hall, and the rabbit in his cage in the courtyard, with my 2 old dogs, male and female, little dogs. When I've came back home i 've found Rila dying...because the dos has forced the cage and catch him. A neighbor of mine has jumped the wall and get him in the garden, but was too late. I've called a friend, that study at veterinary university, and confirmed that's too late.
So I've buried him on the river side of Timis.
I'd like to tell and another tragedy that happened in September 2010. With the same wish of having a dog, we toked a puppy from the streets, from my neighborhood in Lugoj. Was a really lovely puppy, i thing he had 3-4 months, but he played catch. He was a light brown dog, and after two weeks he got seek. When I've been to the vet with him i found out that he has mange, and that there is nothing to make him health. I've heard after that from my friend that study at vet university that was a epidemic mange in town, 4 other dogs have died.  So...after 2 days he couldn't move his back legs, and in a week he died. I've buried him before Rila, in almost the same spot, on the river side of Timis.
    to be continued...

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